Indoor Services Announcement

Dear Beloved Church,
Thank you so much for taking the time to let your voices be heard. 33 of you filled out the survey and we feel like we have a better idea of your needs and thoughts regarding worship during the time of the pandemic. The survey proves that our community within the Church has many differences and we value each and every one of them. We are grateful that we can serve both our church family members who worship from home, via Livestream, and those who worship with us in person; we are not limited by a box that defines a limited worship space.

Almost half the church finds the 6 foot distancing is of importance. Over 93% said that they will wear a mask during inside service and 87% feel comfortable singing, as long as masks are worn. Over 66% of the church has a level of concern for others who may contract COVID19. Over 86% of the people who Livestream feel connected. As for time of service, 66% prefer the 10:30AM service.

With these numbers in mind, here is how we plan to move forward:

  • Services will be inside beginning this coming Sunday, and we will continue to follow PA COVID guidelines for religious communities.
  • We will be continuing to livestream, but only during the 10:30 service.
  • Masks will be required and singing will be allowed with masks on.
  • We will continue to engage the home viewers and seek to find ways to improve our Livestream.
  • We will go to 2 services starting Aug 30th. Until then, please continue to reserve your seats for our indoor services at 7PM. (We recognize that many of the men in the Lighthouse and those involved in 12 step meetings interact on a regular basis and are considered “family”. We will be treating these people as a “family” and allowing them to sit together.) We will have another section that will have the 6 foot distancing for those who desire that seating.
  • We are hoping that by offering 2 services – at 10:30AM and another at 7:00PM – we will keep attendance to about 25
  • We will also start Wed night Bible study back up soon and will resume a Bible study via Zoom. Please be on the lookout for these dates being announced soon. In addition, men’s and ladies prayer groups will be re-starting in person at the Harbor. Please see Chris and/or Debbie for days and times.

We want to say that we really appreciate being pastors of a church who is flexible and one that respects and values the opinions of the whole congregation. Thank you for that! On a final note, we are not a church that operates out of fear. We are simply a body of Christ that respects the recommendations of experts and leaders that God has blessed with skills and talents. We are seeking to be Christ-like in caring for our neighbor as well as submitting to earthly authorities, while continuing to worship and obey our ultimate authority.”

Pastor Melissa, Pastor Chris, and Debbie