melissa2Most common Melissa-ism:
too early…need coffee
Where did you grow up? Right here in the big town of Shippensburg. Honestly, I had to move away for 9 years before I really learned to appreciate it.
Spouse and kids? Yes. Oh, did you want more info on them? Scott is my husband; my coffee boy with Spidey-sense #poorscott. Then we have 3 daughters. Ally the freakishly awesome at everything, Mia the sweet and jovial wrapped with wit, and then there’s First Lady Avery, ruler of all; you might want to make friends with her first.
Where did you go to school? I have a BA in Bible and Theology from Nazarene Bible College.
What are your favorite sports teams? Greyhounds!
Favorite food? Spicy
What is your favorite Scripture? “Jesus wept”. It’s short and easy to memorize. But honestly, contextually, it’s revealing of who He is.
What is your life’s message in 5 words or less? Hello?! I’m a preacher, I can’t answer that in 5 words or less!
Why did you go into ministry? Because “No, Lord” is an oxymoron. And quite honestly, a life of disobedience is a life of hell.
Most mysterious thing about God? His deep love for humanity.
What is your favorite attribute of God? His Mercy or His Sovereignty- Depends on which one I need more in the moment
What is your favorite book you’ve read recently? The Shack and The Great Divorce are my all time favorites.
What are your passions? Discussions on theology any time in the afternoon while sipping coffee, conquering shame through living in a new identity, teaching, and fun stuff like camp fires, camping, and watching chick flicks and LOTR. Oh, and I Facebook quite well.