The Harbor is a safe place for community – a place that allows people to hang out without the influences or temptations of alcohol. The Harbor is a place where people can shoot pool, play games, sip coffee, and enjoy another’s company. The Harbor has been created for the community by the community.

The Harbor sober bar’s hours are:
Wednesday 12-5pm
Thursday 12-5pm
Friday 12pm-12am
Saturday 5pm-12am


img_20150131_215554556Enjoy the warmth… The Harbor has a soda bar and light snacks available for purchase, an informal seating area to promote conversation, a game area/room for billiards and darts, music, and space for clubs or groups that promote a healthy lifestyle.

Where community happens… Groups such as Al-Anon, Alcoholics Anonymous, and Weight Watchers are welcome.

12540973_540804319420053_1129101062055634517_nWhere friends meet… Games, books, chess, scrapbooking, knitting, moms, and retiree clubs are welcome.

Explore hidden talents and teach new skills… Workshops, classes and other like events are welcome.