Harbor Church – Live Stream Only, 3/29/2020.

In the best interest of the health of our people and the people of our families and community, Harbor Naz will be continuing to have worship service via live stream only on Sunday, March 29. With the situation seeming to change daily, we will continue to evaluate based on CDC and govt guidelines, so stay tuned here and our Facebook page for updates – for the time being, however, it is probably safest to assume that we will be live stream only until further notice.

For everyone’s protection, please stay home and worship with us via live stream at 10:30 AM.

We will be paying attention to the chat when it comes to prayer requests, so please do interact with us there – Just because we are not together physically doesn’t mean we can’t worship together.

You can participate on the Harbornaz facebook live stream, or at www.livestream.com/harbornaz. We do also want to mention that tithes and offerings can still be made online through PayPal to donate@harbornaz.org.

We are the Church, whether we are together physically or worshiping from our own homes. Let’s worship.