May Events At The Harbor

Friday, May 5 – First Friday Flicks (8 pm)
Every first Friday night of the month, we will host a movie night on the dock, beginning at 8pm. Come out and join us, grab some popcorn, and enjoy a movie and friends at the Harbor! 

May 6 – After-Prom Party (9pm -12)
Shippensburg High School’s prom is May 6, and so our Harbor Youth is hosting an after prom party for our high schoolers (freshman and sophomores invited as well) to come and hang out after the big dance. If you want to show up in your prom dress and tux, feel free – if you’d rather go change into sweatpants? That’s cool, too. We’ll have some pizza, a movie playing, and a photbooth going on the dock, as well as all the games available at the Harbor normally. 

May 13 – Open Mic Night (7 pm)
Last month’s went well, so we’re bringing it back! Come on out and share your talents – play an instrument, sing a song, read some poetry… join us for a night of sharing our gifts and talents!

Saturday, May 20 – Harbor Yard Sale Fundraiser
Get up bright and early and bring your eye for deals as we have our next “yard” sale – we’ll have tables set up in the back of the Harbor so you can shop til you drop and support the Harbor as you do!

June 9 – Murder Mystery Dinner Fundraiser!
Yeah, this isn’t in May technically, but we’re so excited about it, we have to say something! We are going to be hosting a murder mystery dinner at Premier Events in Shippensburg. If you’ve never been to one before, it is an interactive evening of trying to figure out “whodunnit”, mingling with other players and trying to figure out clues from them who might be the one to have done the deed. It should be a great night to just pretend and have some fun, so mark your calendar and be on the lookout for more information very soon!