“We are a community Seeking God, Sharing Life, and Serving others.”

-Mission Statement of the Harbor Church of the Nazarene

At the Harbor, we believe that God hasn’t saved us just for ourselves. We believe that we have been saved from our brokenness so that we can join Him in his redemptive work in this world. We want to be a church that brings life, healing, and wholeness to the community around us.

Because of this, we want to be involved in our community. We want Shippensburg to be a better place because of God working through us in this place. Beyond that, we want to reach beyond our own comfort zones and be able to serve others who don’t look, speak, or live exactly like us, because we believe that God has sent us to be an example of His love to everyone in this world.

We do this together through various community service projects, supporting all aspects of recovery, and by supporting world-wide mission work. Individually, we seek ways to be share the love of Christ with those around us and serve our community as well as our church.